Disabled Children’s Register

The Disabled Children’s Register is an information database which is designed to hold the contact details of disabled children and young people under the age of 18 in Warrington.

By registering, families can be kept regularly up to date on all the services and support available in Warrington via an e-newsletter. It will also mean that you can comment on the services you receive and make suggestions to improve services in the future.

What information will be recorded?

Information held on the register will include:

Child or young person’s name, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, religion, home address, telephone number, family’s first language, information in relation the child’s disability and name of parent or guardian.

We will also maintain a current email address, where available, as this is the most efficient way to communicate with you.

Where will the information be kept, and can I see it?

The information you provide is held confidentially and securely on computer with Warrington Borough Council. To see information held about your child, please make a request to us at the address below.

Is it compulsory that my child’s details be recorded on the Register?

No, the Register is voluntary and details of your child can not be added without your permission.

Will my child’s information be shared with other agencies?

No. We won’t share any information unless you have told us that want us to share them with Warrington Parents and Carers Forum (see link below).

How do I register my child’s details so that I can stay up to date?

Please complete the online form by visiting the link:

Add a child or young person to the Disabled Children’s Register

Or download the registration form and post the completed form back to:

Disabled Children’s Register, Inclusion Service, New Town House, Buttermarket Street, Warrington, WA1 2NH

Or return via email to: disabledchildrensregister@warrington.gov.uk

Can I opt out of the Register at any time?

You can remove your child’s details from the Register at any time by making a request to the contact below.

If you choose to opt out this will not affect in anyway the services or support you currently receive but it will be difficult for us to keep you informed on national and local services that are available to you.  Not being part of the Register may mean that you could possibly miss out on the opportunity to provide feedback on services and receive information and updates regarding valuable support and advice services available.

How can I change my child’s details on the Register?

Please contact us via post or email to notify us of any changes to your child’s details

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